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Fraud Prevention

The finances of any business are important and often more vulnerable than most people are aware of, so we offer a multifaceted approach to cybersecurity and fraud prevention that goes unsurpassed on the Sunshine Coast. We like to believe we can trust everyone, but the reality is businesses are often targeted by people they trust. The majority of commercial fraud is done by someone on the inside of the organization. Ocean Business Solutions offers current fraud prevention solutions to mitigate your exposure.

Cyber Threats. Fraud. An online presence is essential today but are you at risk? Our world is becoming more and more connected and allows us the freedom to do things like never before - but there is risk. We'll work with you to be sure you are protected.



PCI Compliance & Personal Data Security

Daily it seems that the news has another story about credit card or data breach, but, we only hear about the big brands. Did you know that small to medium sized enterprises are at higher risk and are hacked more often? We don't hear about those because while it's a very personal thing for the customer whose data was hacked so too is it for the merchant. Chances are they are friends with many of their customers and are embarrassed when a breach occurs. We only know that the little cafe we used to go to is suddenly closed.

Any organization that processes credit card data must comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Non compliance proves very costly as merchants are liable for penalties easily running up to $100,000 or more.


All private businesses in British Columbia are bound by law to follow the Personal Information Protection Act which sets out strict regulations on the collection, use and protection of private information.


Bookkeeping & Financial Analysis

Accurate bookkeeping is a must for all small business owners but are you getting the information from all that data that you need? Ocean Business Solutions doesn't just do bookkeeping, we work with you to ensure you are getting the information you need, and succeed. Budgeting, forecasting, productivity analysis, labour costs, inventory turnover, ratios and controls - all of these are important but sadly many businesses aren't getting that data. It all starts with our first meeting with you - we find out about you and your business and then tailor a custom approach to your needs. Simply, it's providing the meaning behind the numbers which all equals Solutions ..... made simple.


Peace of mind .... Protecting your investment

Ocean Business Solutions provides integrated services with one focus in mind: working with our clients for solutions to make them more protected from fraud and reduce their risk exposure.

Fraud costs can decimate small business. We offer peace of mind.

Solutions for small business.

Personalized focused solutions

  • With differing environments and business applications around the country, we offer flexible and comprehensive solutions for all your needs.
  • Expertise in the fields of Information Technology, Point Of Sale Systems, Accounting, and Fraud Prevention brings a complete solution for any issue you might find as a business owner.

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