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Over 20 years in hospitality & retail operations experience and over 10 years experience in accounting and finance, Ocean Business Solutions aims to bring affordable and effective support  to all businesses on and around the Sunshine Coast.

Watch this ControlScan video to hear Carla describe the POS security mistake that led her restaurant to lose more than $100,000 to a small business data breach.

Small business owners will find Carla's experience and advice invaluable in helping them avoid what she and her restaurant business went through.

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Ocean Business Solutions is your all in one business partner providing bookkeeping, project accounting, financial modelling & analysis and fraud & risk management.

This combination allows you to focus on what you do best, running your business while we support you with our integrated business solutions, tailored to your business needs.

Data from the ACFE's 2016 Global Fraud Study, Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse.

Who We Are

Ocean Business Solutions provides integrated fraud & risk management, PCI Compliance consulting, IT support services and management consulting to small businesses.

Many consider themselves to be too small to be a fraud target and/or do not have the resources to ensure proper practices and procedures are in place to protect them. All businesses are vulnerable to fraud and risk but it can be confusing on where to start in protecting yourself. Ocean Business Solutions offers personalized service, tailored to your needs and work with you to mitigate your exposure.

Personal service provided with honesty & integrity, that is Solutions ... made simple.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Statement

We have a duty of responsibility not only to our shareholders but also our clients, employees, suppliers, partners and our community. This requires all of us to have respect for each other as well as our natural resources and local environment.

We see value in our differences and that everyone must have the opportunity to contribute and learn from each other. We do not work in silos but together to achieve our goals. We must not only follow the letter, but also, the spirit of the law as well as the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Corporate Policies

Protecting the environment by not wasting natural resources, by reducing, recycling & reusing, and using the most sustainable practices we can.

Protecting people by following the best health & safety practices, and supporting diversity & inclusion by being an equal opportunity employer.

Community involvement is encouraged by volunteering and being active participants in supporting art, education, community events, LGBTQ2, Habitat for Humanity, mental health as well as other health organizations and the BC SPCA.

Participating in our local community, as well as provincially & federally around areas of good & sustainable governance.

Active learning is not only encouraged but also supported and is a life-long goal.

Our Goal

Ocean Business Solutions is  a business to business service company using our knowledge and experience in providing solutions for our clients with personal service to meet their specific needs and help them be successful.

Complex issues made simple ... Ocean Business Solutions